Scholarships and Awards

Meritorious Service Award

Nominate a fellow NEAFS member for the annual Meritorious Service Award.

This award is given to a NEAFS member that has a history of providing commendable service to the forensic science community by serving justice through casework, performing research for the advancement of forensic science, providing training and/or educating forensic scientists and future forensic scientists, and their overall contributions to the NEAFS organization.

Eligibility Requirements for the Nominee

• Hold the status of being a Regular Member within NEAFS for at least 10 years to be considered.

If you have someone in mind:

Please submit both the Meritorious Service Award Nomination Form along with a letter of recommendation outlining the nominee’s contributions.  
All nominations must be received by
September 1st.

If you prefer not to fill out the form below, an electronic version can be downloaded by clicking below.

Meritorious Service Award Nomination Form

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