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Certification Reimbursement

The NEAFS Board of Directors has voted to reimburse the American Board of Criminalistics, International Association for Identification, and American Board of Forensic Toxicology exam sitting fees for five NEAFS members (regular or associate) in good standing who pass the ABCIAI or ABFT exam. This offer is for any exam completed during the current calendar year.
After passing the examination, please fill out the Certification Reimbursement Form and submit along  with proof of payment for registration fees and provide proof of passing the examination. The reimbursement is based on a first come first served basis. Remember you must pass the ABC, IAI or ABFT exam to be considered for reimbursement.

ABC News

The American Board of Criminalistics

The Forensic Science community has an obligation to: establish professional levels of knowledge, skills and abilities; define a mechanism for achieving these levels; recognize those who have demonstrated attainment of these levels; and promote growth within the profession.​  
The American Board of Criminalistics or the ABC is composed of regional and national organizations which represent forensic scientists.  The ABC is a way for the Forensic Science community to meet these obligations.  
Certification is a voluntary process of peer review by which a practitioner is recognized as having attained the professional qualifications necessary to practice in one or more disciplines of criminalistics. The ABC offers a certificate in comprehensive criminalistics, as well as in the specialty disciplines of molecular biology, drug chemistry, fire debris analysis, trace evidence - hairs and fibers, and trace evidence - paints and polymers.

For more information about certification visit  For recent news about the ABC please read the current ABC Newsletter.

IAI News

The International Association for Identification

A message from the Footwear Certification Board.

Become a Certified Footwear Examiner

Are you a practicing footwear examiner looking to elevate your credentials to the next level? The International Association for Identification (IAI) offers certification specifically to meet the needs of the footwear discipline.

The footwear certification program is designed for those individuals actively engaged in comparing footwear impression evidence. To qualify for test participation, individuals must meet specific criteria. Years of experience as a footwear examiner, combined with formal education and documented training, will be the primary focus when determining an individual’s eligibility for participating in the examination process.

The certification process involves completing our application, fee submission, and the successful completion of both written and practical examinations. More information regarding cost, requirements, and application can be found on the IAI website, footwear certification page (

Inquiries can be made to the IAI Footwear Certification Board Secretary at:

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