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Forensic Scientist I – DNA Unit

Under direction, the work of the Forensic Scientist I (DNA Unit) will involve the scientific examination, testing, and analysis of genetic material on forensic evidence by employing scientifcally validated methods for body fluid identification and DNA analysis. The Forensic Scientist I will also evaluate and analyze results, prepare written reports, and testify as an expert witness in a court of law.

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Posted: 07/02/2020

Sorenson Forensics, LLC, Salt Lake City, Utah

Forensic Scientist  DNA/Serology


Experienced Forensic Scientist:

  • At least six months of previous forensic serology or DNA testing experience on criminal cases

  • Ability to work within a standardized laboratory environment as part of a team

  • Track record of high quality work (provide references)

  • Leadership skills/ experience is preferred (provide references)

  • Position and pay commensurate with experience

Entry-Level Forensic Scientist:

  • Meets FBI QAS degree qualifications (Bachelor’s in biology, forensics, or a related discipline)

  • Meets FBI QAS coursework requirements (sufficient credits in the following courses: biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, and statistics/ population genetics)

  • Willing to start in our Serology department (includes a Y-screening rotation)

  • Has the education, drive, and ability to continue to the DNA section once a proven track record of excellence in Serology is established and a DNA position becomes available

  • Prior biological laboratory work experience is preferred (provide job references)

  • Pipetting skills highly preferred

  • Public speaking/ testimony ability is essential.  Clear communication in English is a must.

  • Forensic-specific degree preferred.  Master’s degree preferred.



  • Perform forensic DNA analysis procedures on criminal casework samples

  • Participate in laboratory quality assurance and quality control

  • Maintain a chain of custody and properly seal, handle, and store criminal evidence

  • Interface with and properly utilize the laboratory information management system (LIMS) for record-keeping purposes and for testimony support

  • Interpret technical data and prepare a report with your scientific opinion that must pass peer review and be compliant with standard operating procedures

  • Testify in criminal or civil courts of law as an expert witness in any jurisdiction in the country at the local, state, or federal level

  • Collaborate with co-workers to adjust processes as needed to satisfy customer needs and maximize production without sacrificing quality

To apply:

Posted: 05/21/2020

Sorenson Forensics LLC, Salt Lake City, Utah

DNA Technical Leader


The DNA Technical Leader requires extensive knowledge of all aspects of forensic DNA laboratory processing and reporting. This position will work closely with senior management to develop and implement new policies and procedures; and will aid in the training of all new serologists and analysts.  

The essential duties of the DNA Technical Leader include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Ensure proper use of the non-conformance and corrective action (NCA) system to effectively resolve non-conformances in laboratory processes through accurate root cause(s) identification and corrective action implementation.

  2. Perform method validation and prepare written reports.

  3. Coordinate and assist management with the training of Serologists and Analysts.

  4. Evaluate and prepare a written opinion concerning the identification and comparability of biological samples; and testify as an expert witness in a Court of Law.

  5. Aid in solving technical problems and propose new or modified analytical procedures and assist in their implementation into the laboratory.

  6. Participate in proficiency testing in accordance with FBI QAS standards.

  7. Update personal skills and knowledge to remain current and become efficient and proficient in the position.

  8. Work under limited supervision.


A master’s degree or equivalent in biology, chemistry, or a forensic science related area and three years of relevant experience in a forensic DNA laboratory. College course work or classes covering the subject areas of: biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, and statistics and/or population genetics is required.  Preference will be given to applicants with five or more years of relevant experience in a forensic DNA laboratory and with successful completion of the FBI sponsored auditor training program. A comprehensive knowledge of forensic DNA laboratory certification and compliance with ASCLD/LAB-International is required.

Sorenson Forensics offers a competitive benefit package to all full-time employees including: Health & Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, 401(k) with employer matching, Paid Holidays and PTO.


To apply:

Posted: 05/21/2020

State of Wisconsin-Department of Justice-Madison Crime Laboratory, Madison, WI
DNA Analyst-Advanced


The Wisconsin Department of Justice is searching for a talented DNA Analyst to serve as the DNA Databank Technical Unit Leader. This position is responsible for quality control compliance, updating written materials, and providing consistency throughout the unit. Individuals will also assist in the training and mentoring of DNA Databank DNA Analysts and Laboratory Technicians and providing guidance to local law enforcement.  There will never be a dull moment!

Posted: 05/01/2020

The Forensic and National Security Sciences Institute (FNSSI), College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University

Executive Director Forensic Science


The Forensic and National Security Sciences Institute (FNSSI) in the College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University is seeking a highly qualified individual to serve as Executive Director of the Institute. This is a full-time, professor of practice position with an academic year appointment, with required summer work compensated separately. Reappointment will be possible on three-year terms upon satisfactory performance. The Executive Director reports directly to the Dean of the College.



A Doctorate degree appropriate for a forensic science program; Documented research experience in a forensic science discipline and/or extensive experience with methods and techniques adapted, validated, and implemented by the forensic science community; and Experience in quality control and ethics pertinent to forensics practice.



Manage approximately twenty full and part time faculty and an administrator.  Serve as liaison between the Institute and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.  Manage all functions of the Institute, including academic programs, research initiatives, and relations with public, government and private sectors.

Apply Here:

Posted: 03/12/2020

New Mexico Department of Public Safety – Santa Fe, NM

Forensic Scientist Drug Chemist (DPS #17969)

Salary Range: $47,510 - $82,667 Annually

The Forensic Drug Chemist is responsible for the following: 1) Utilizing a battery of screening chemical and chromatographic tests to determine whether controlled substances may be present in items submitted as evidence; 2) Analyzing assorted powders, crystalline substances, tablets, capsules, liquids or plant materials to determine whether controlled substances may be present in items submitted as evidence; 3) Producing formal reports that accurately identify and analyze controlled substance evidence to determine their significance to the investigation; 4) Presenting the results, conclusions and expert opinions in the scientific analysis of controlled substances; 5) Providing expert witness testimony regarding their findings in courts of law throughout the State of New Mexico; 6) Performing quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) to assure quality analysis, evidence integrity, and maintain accreditation standards; and 7) Continue training to develop competency and proficiency in their area of specialization, specifically controlled substances / drug chemistry analysis forth is position, as required.

For more information please read the job announcement: Forensic Drug Chemist

Agency Contact Information: Katharina Babcock, (505) 827-9339 Email


Closing date: 03/12/2021

Posted: 03/12/2020

Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office – Jersey City, NJ

Chemist Trainee

For a full New Jersey Civil Service Commission job description for this title, including requirements, please visit:

This position is in a controlled dangerous substances laboratory. Applicants who successfully complete the 12-month training period will be eligible for advancement to the title among the following for which they have been trained: Chemist; Chemist (Research); Forensic Chemist under Civil Service Commission procedures.

The Chemist Trainee will be responsible for, under supervision, the analysis of suspected controlled dangerous substances. This includes the making of chemical reagents, operation and daily maintenance of laboratory instrumentation, data analysis, preparation of laboratory reports, and, if needed, testimony as to the results. 



EDUCATION: Graduation from an accredited college or university with a bachelor's degree in any natural or physical science, including or supplemented by twenty-four (24) semester hour credits in chemistry, including a minimum of six (6) semester hour credits in analytical chemistry.  LICENSE: Appointees will be required to possess a driver's license valid in New Jersey only if the operation of a vehicle, rather than employee mobility, is necessary to perform essential duties of the position.


Please send letter of interest and resume to Kaitlin Farrell at

Posted: 02/24/2020

Suffolk County Crime Laboratory, Hauppauge, NY

Forensic Scientist I, Firearms

Under general supervision, an employee in this class identifies and analyzes various types of firearms, ammunition, tools and tool marks to determine such facts as the type and operability of weapons, projectile velocity and the origin of tool marks. The work involves the use and routine maintenance of sophisticated modern laboratory equipment.  The incumbent may be required to issue reports and give sworn testimony in legal proceedings. The incumbent may be assigned to a team which responds to crime scenes. Routine work is performed with some independence, but more complex assignments may be performed under direct supervision, depending on the level of difficulty. Work is reviewed by a technical or administrative supervisor through conferences and a review of reports issued.  Does related work as required.

For more information click here.

Resumes and Cover letters can be emailed to with a call back of 631-853-5585. 

Posted: 02/22/2020

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