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Application Process

Emeritus Member

Emeritus Member

Any Member meeting the following requirements may be proposed for Emeritus status by the Membership Committee. The member must:

  1. be at least fifty five(55) years of age

  2. be retired from full-time forensic work

  3. have been a full dues paying member of the Association for a minimum of ten(10) years

  4. Members holding Emeritus status shall retain all rights and privileges of members, but shall be excused from all dues and assessments

  5. A member may apply for Emeritus status as any time during the year by submitting a request to the Membership Chair. Those applying for Emeritus status shall be provisionally excused from all dues and assessments, beginning at the time their request is received. If the Emeritus status of a member is not approved, the member shall be responsible for the current year’s dues.

  6. Emeritus status shall be conferred by recommendation from the Membership Committee with the approval of ¾ of the voting membership at the annual business meeting.

  7. Once Emeritus status is conferred, the member shall be eligible to continue their Emeritus status and receive publications free of charge on an annual basis as long as they continue to meet the Emeritus requirements.

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