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  • Low annual dues: $60

  • Affordable annual meetings: $160 early registration fee as per 2022 Annual Meeting

  • Full member meeting lottery: At the annual meeting, a member is selected at random to win FREE registration AND hotel costs for the following year’s meeting!                             

  • Free/Reduced cost workshops: NEAFS offers several workshops throughout the year that are often free to members or at a lower cost.                                                          

  • Training Reimbursement: Members are eligible to receive funding (up to $400) towards training, workshop or non-NEAFS meeting registration and travel expenses.

  • Certification Reimbursement: Members who pass the ABC or IAI certification exam will be reimbursed for the sitting fee.

  • Potential for reduced or free annual meeting registration: For any member or active applicant who presents a technical talk or poster!

  • The George W. Chin Memorial Scholarship: Awarded yearly to one undergraduate or graduate student. The award is $2000.00 as well as Associate membership for one year in the NEAFS organization. Membership will be granted to a current member or active applicant as well as a non-member (the application fee will also be included).

​Educational Opportunities

  • Annual Meeting

  • NEAFS-sponsored workshops

  • Networking

​Leadership/Service Opportunities

  • Board of Director’s positions

  • Committee positions and members

  • Annual meeting session chairs

  • NEAFS Sponsored Training: Any private or public forensic science laboratory in the NEAFS geographical area needing technical, scientific, or training assistance may apply. 

​Meritorious Service Award

  • This award is given to a NEAFS member that has a history of providing commendable service to the forensic science community by serving justice through casework, performing research for the advancement of forensic science, providing training and/or educating forensic scientists and future forensic scientists, and their overall contributions to the NEAFS organization.

Fun and Entertainment

  • President’s Reception – dinner and dancing at annual meetings

  • Murder Mystery Banquet (2015); Trivia night (2016); 80’s night (2017); Roaring 20's (2019); Halloween Theme (2022)

  • Lifelong friends and invaluable networking

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