Verogen On-Demand Webinar

Forensic Genetic Genealogy: An Emerging Game Changer for Cold Case Resolution

Forensic genetic genealogy (FGG) is revolutionizing cold case investigations by producing previously unobtainable investigative leads. When traditional methods are inconclusive or all other options are exhausted, genealogy databases offer a new route to identifications. GEDmatch, one of the most widely known databases, has proven its effectiveness by helping law enforcement identify more than 70 previously unknown suspects.

If you are a forensic scientist, law enforcement professional or genealogist interested in learning more about FGG then register for this free educational webinar where experts will provide real-world insights regarding the impact of FGG from the complementary viewpoints of forensic scientists and law enforcement.

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MAFS Online Training Opportunities

Good morning!  We offered this to our MAFS Members, but thought we would open up the opportunity to all forensic scientists.  If you are interested, feel free to pass along.  The early webinars are 8-hours and the 2019 is a 4-hour session.


In an effort to offer some training opportunities, MAFS has made archived versions of the Leadership Symposium webinar available for you to view. Maybe you regretted missing the webinar the first time around? Now is your chance to revisit them and sharpen your saw! Unfortunately we cannot provide you a certificate for viewing the webinars, but we hope this can be helpful for those that may be missing training opportunities or for those that are working from home.


If you would like to view the webinars, this link will send you to the google drive where they are kept. You will find webinars on Transitioning to Leadership (2016), Communication (2017), Motivation (2018), and Leading Change (2019). Pdf’s of the slides are available for the 2017 and 2019 webinars. A big thank you to Brian Hoey and Brooke Ehlers for making these webinars available!

The MAFS Training and Education Committee is diligently working to offer you more virtual training opportunities, so stay tuned! We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

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If you have training in the field of forensic science and would like to have it posted on the NEAFS web site, contact the NEAFS webmasters: publications@neafs.org.